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St Pauls Nursery School & Pre-K Program

  A child's place to learn and play.

Life is a journey not a race

St. Paul’s Nursery School and Pre-K Program is a non-profit, non-discriminating school, which was started in 1961. We are licensed by the state of Connecticut as well as Head Teacher Certified.

Our mission is to provide quality care in an environment that promotes learning and socialization, as well as offering an opportunity for children to develop skills needed to succeed.


Through the many varied activities offered at St. Paul's Nursery School, we encourage children to become independent, to function well as part of group situation, to build social skills, and to increase large and small motor development, and to develop pre reading and pre math skills. Teaching methods used in our program help children feel successful and develop a positive attitude toward their school experience.

We average 18 students with four teachers in our T-Th class.

We average 20 students with three teachers in our m-w-f class.


65 North Main Street

Wallingford, CT 06492